Hoppe, Hans-Hermann

A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline
A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism
Democracy. The God that Failed.
From Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy: A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay
Natural Elites, Intellectuals, and the State
The Economics and Ethics of Private Property: Studies in Political Economy and Philosophy, 2nd Edition

Ryan, Alan

On Politics: A History of Political Thought: From Herodotus to the Present
The Making of Modern Liberalism

Verhofstadt, Dirk

Atheïsme als basis voor de moraal.
De Liberale Canon.
Een geschiedenis van het liberalisme.
Een zoektocht naar waarheid. In gesprek met Etienne Vermeersch.

Von Mises, Ludwig

Human Action
Marxism Unmasked
Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis
The Theory of Money and Credit
Theory and History: An Interpretation of Social and Economic Evolution