Neoliberalism will survive dishonest critics aswell

In his critical book about neoliberalism - Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste: How Neoliberalism Survived the Financial Meltdown - Philip Mirowski completely misrepresents the idea's of Milton Friedman. He writes that Milton Friedman favored an independent central bank, run by neoliberals like himself or the Chicago school, and shielded from democratic control. But what Friedman in fact wanted was precisely the opposite. Friedman wrote:

Any system which gives so much power and so much discretion to a few men, [so] that mistakes ‑‑ excusable or not ‑‑ can have such far reaching effects, is a bad system. It is a bad system to believers in freedom just because it gives a few men such power without any effective check by the body politic ‑‑ this is the key political argument against an independent central bank. . .To paraphrase Clemenceau: money is much too serious a matter to be left to the Central Bankers.

Another critic of neoliberalism - Michael Hudson - does get it right:

Milton Friedman and his University of Chicago colleagues suggested that the entire Fed could be reduced to a single desk inside the Treasury. The “Chicago Plan” of the 1930s urged Treasury control, as does Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s current bank reform.

One wonders of course how many other of such blatant misrepresentations there are in the book. Better, and more honest, critics please.