30 onthullende feiten over Osama Bin Laden

ma, 10/06/2019 - 19:32

30 feiten over Osama Bin Laden (gemakkelijk te verifiëren), samengesteld door Joseph Green.

1. The CIA, together with the British Special Air Service, trained 100,000 mujaheddin to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan from 1980-1989, as well as providing weaponry to do so. Osama bin Laden therefore received training and weapons from the U.S. and British governments. Bin Laden supported the mujahideen at the behest of Saudi Arabian royalty.

2. Zbigniew Brzezinski has stated in Le Nouvel Observateur that the U.S. began supplying the mujahideen rebels with weapons six months prior to the invasion.

3. One of Osama’s brothers, Salem bin Laden, stated in 1985 that Osama was serving as a liaison between the US government, the Saudis, and the mujahideen.

4. Al-Qaeda, which means “the base,” is formed in 1991, shortly after the US invasion of Kuwait.

5. Bin Laden traveled back and forth to London many times in the early nineties, and in fact was interviewed in 1996 in London.

6. Both bin Laden and his friend Khalid bin Mafhouz (who lived in London) were heavily invested in the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI). The BCCI is a notorious criminal enterprise which funded dictators and drug and arms trafficking all over the world, a key element of the Iran-Contra scandal. Oliver North had multiple accounts at BCCI.

7. In 1993, 18 US soldiers were killed in Somalia (the famous Black Hawk Down incident). Bin Laden is implicated by the US for training some of the individuals involved.

8. In 1994, the Advice and Reform Committee (ARC), based in London, set up a secure communications system for bin Laden to contact London from Saudi Arabia. The phone calls are all routed through Denver, Colorado, using military lines abandoned after being used during the first Gulf war.

9. Also in 1994, during the civil war in Yemen, the Al-Qaeda fighters help the US-backed North Yemen forces defeat Communist south Yemen. This is not the only instance of the US and Al-Qaeda being on the same side of a conflict.

10. Bin Laden was kicked out of Sudan in May of 1996, when he took a C-130 to establish operations back in Afghanistan.

11. The Pakistani ISI (their CIA-equivalent agency) convinced the Taliban in 1996 to give back to bin Laden all the old camps that he ran during the Soviet war. The Pakistani ISI was trained in covert operations by the American CIA.

12. In 1998, ABC News refers to bin Laden as “the most dangerous man in the world.” Bin Laden allegedly participates or organizes two US embassy bombings in August and issues a general fatwa encouraging attacks against the West. 4

13. The Taliban actually put bin Laden on trial in 1998, and formally request evidence from the United States in order to continue with the trial. When the US fails to respond, he is released.

14. A Deutsche Bank joint account of bin Laden and a Pakistani businessman sent $250 million to Pakistan in the year 2000.

15. In March of 2000, Osama bin Laden develops renal failure and is forced onto a dialysis machine.

16. As widely reported in numerous international sources, bin Laden met with CIA officials in a hospital in Dubai where his kidney problems forced lifesaving medical care. This is in July of 2001.

17. On September 11, 2001, America is attacked. US media, fed in part by Richard Clarke’s identification, begin stating that bin Laden is behind the attacks.

18. September 11, 12, and 16 & 28 (formal statements): bin Laden denies a role in the attacks. This is confusing because terrorists generally take credit for their successful attacks; otherwise, what is the point?

19. On October 10, 2001, the FBI issued a list of the most wanted terrorists in the world, with bin Laden at #1. However, the FBI wanted poster does not include the 9/11 attacks in his list of crimes, and is never updated to include these crimes.

20. On November 28, 2001, US forces have bin Laden trapped in Tora Bora, but he mysteriously escapes, according to a US special forces soldier in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Following this incident, several bizarre murder/suicides take place at the Fayetteville military base over the next six months.

21. Over the next few months after 9/11, several bin Laden videotapes surface, all of which depict wildly different-looking bin Ladens. According to numerous published reports all over the international press, bin Laden dies in December 2001. This allegedly is due to pulmonary problems but one must also remember bin Laden was on dialysis whilst hiding in the caves of Afghanistan.

22. FBI Director Robert Mueller notes that they have not found a single piece of hard evidence linking bin Laden or Al-Qaeda to 9/11.

23. In 2003, the CIA went on record admitting they produced a fake bin Laden tape. They allege that the tape was never actually used publicly.

24. October 2004: Right before the 2004 US elections, bin Laden suddenly appears in a videotape taking credit for the 9/11 attacks. He has never done so before.

25. In 2005, the Executive Director of the CIA, Buzzy Krongard, states that it is better for the world that bin Laden remains free. Krongard is a former executive of Deutsche Bank, a bank well-known after 9/11 because numerous “put options” – bets that airline stock would go down – were placed through the bank on 9/11.

26. April 2005 – bin Laden is once again reported to be dead.

27. March 2006 – bin Laden is reported to have died in Iran.

28. September 2006 – bin Laden reported dead by the French press.

29. November 2, 2007 – Benazhir Bhutto remarks in passing that bin Laden is dead. She says that her own security forces may assassinate her. She thinks they want her dead because, among other things, she wants to stop terrorism in Pakistan. She is in fact assassinated that December.

30. May 1, 2011 – US forces allegedly assassinate Osama bin Laden. He is buried at sea. No dialysis machine is found at his home. It is first reported that one of his wives attempted to help him, then that report is later denied. It is reported that bin Laden had a gun, then that report is denied. NPR claims that although he did not have a gun, he “resisted.” How he resisted is not explained. No physical evidence is produced to show that he is dead. Major news organizations all over the US run a photoshopped image of Osama with a bullet hole in his head. Americans across the country celebrate the assassination.