Deze lijst bevat een overzicht van de door mij gelezen boeken. De lijst is nog onvolledig, maar geeft al een goed idee van mijn interesses. Na verloop van tijd zullen ook voor een aantal boeken korte besprekingen toegevoegd worden.

Titel Boeken
Kaye, Kristin

Iron Maidens

Keith, Lierre

The Vegetarian Myth

Kelly, Kevin

What Technology Wants

Kelso, Louis

The Capitalist Manifesto

Kennedy, Paul

The rise and fall of the great powers.

Kennedy, Robert H.

Encyclopedia of bodybuilding

Keynes, John Maynard

Essays in Persuasion
The Economic Consequences of the Peace
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

Kieft, Ewoud

Het verboden boek

Kiernan, Ben

The Pol Pot Regime: Race, Power, and Genocide in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-79

Klein, Alan M.

Little Big Men: Bodybuilding Subculture and Gender Construction

Kleiner, Susan M.

Power Eating

Knight, Frank H.

Risk, Uncertainty and Profit

Koeppel, Dan

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World

Koestler, Arthur

The Sleepwalkers

Kofsky, Frank

Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948: A Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation

Kolko, Gabriel

The Age of War: The United States Confronts the World
The Triumph of Conservatism: A Reinterpretation of American History, 1900-1916

Kollerstrom, Nick

Terror on the Tube. Behind the veil of 7/7.

Koo, Richard C.

The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics: Lessons from Japan's Great Recession

Kotkin, Joel

The City

Kotkin, Joel

The City: A Global History

Kozloff, Nikolas

Revolution!: South America and the Rise of the New Left

Kragh, Helge

Quantum Generations: A History of Physics in the Twentieth Century

Kramnick, Isaac

The Godless Constitution: A Moral Defense of the Secular State

Kresser, Chris

Unconventional Medicine: Join the Revolution to Reinvent Healthcare, Reverse Chronic Disease, and Create a Practice You Love

Kroth, Jerry

The Kennedy Assassination: what really happened: A deathbed confession, new discoveries, and Trump's 2017-18 document release implicates LBJ in the murder

Krugman, Paul

Geography and Trade
International Economics: Theory and Policy
Peddling Prosperity: Economic Sense and Nonsense in an Age of Diminished Expectations
The Age of Diminished Expectations

Kuhn, Thomas

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Kuipers, Remko

Het Oerdieet

Kuipers, Remko

Het oerdieet

Kung, Hans

Is de kerk nog te redden?

Kuran, Timur

The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East

Kurvers, Maurice

Het Bodybuilding Virus

LaCour, Skip

Bodybuilding Nutrition

Laes, Eric

Kernenergie (on)besproken

Lakatos, Imre

Proofs and Refutations.

Lakatos, Imre

Proofs and Refutations

Lance, Peter

1000 Years for Revenge: International Terrorism and the FBI--the Untold Story
Cover Up: What the Government Is Still Hiding About the War on Terror
Triple Cross: How bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI

Lance, Peter

1000 Years for Revenge: International Terrorism and the FBI--the Untold Story
Cover Up: What the Government Is Still Hiding About the War on Terror

Lanchester, John


Land, Siim

Keto Bodybuilding: Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time by Eating a Low Carb Ketogenic Bodybuilding Diet and Get the Physique of a Greek God

Lang, Kevin

Poverty and Discrimination

Langley, Spencer

Flex Life: How to Transform Your Body Forever

Langlois, Richard N.

Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism (Graz Schumpeter Lectures)

Leamer, Edward E.

Macroeconomic Patterns and Stories

Leeson, Peter T.

Anarchy Unbound: Why Self-Governance Works Better Than You Think

Lens, Sidney

The Forging of the American Empire: From the Revolution to Vietnam

Leoni, Bruno

Freedom and the Law

Lessig, Lawrence

One Way Forward: The Outsider's Guide to Fixing the Republic
Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy
The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World

Levi, Jonah

The State after Statism: New State Activities in the Age of Liberalization

Lewis, Hunter

Where Keynes Went Wrong: And Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles, and Busts