Deze lijst bevat een overzicht van de door mij gelezen boeken. De lijst is nog onvolledig, maar geeft al een goed idee van mijn interesses. Na verloop van tijd zullen ook voor een aantal boeken korte besprekingen toegevoegd worden.

Titel Boeken
Hoppe, Hans-Hermann

A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline
A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism
Democracy. The God that Failed.
From Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy: A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay
Natural Elites, Intellectuals, and the State
The Economics and Ethics of Private Property: Studies in Political Economy and Philosophy, 2nd Edition

Hotton, Jon

Muscle: A Writer's Trip Through a Sport with No Boundaries

Hugh, Edward

The A B E of Economics: An Essay In Economic Folly

Hummel, Jeffrey

Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War

Hunt, Tristan

The Frock-Coated Communist

Hunter, Kevin P.

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Train Big, Eat Big, Get Big - 13 Nutrition Rules You MUST Obey to Boost Muscle Growth
Bodybuilding Science: The Formula of Hypertrophy - Optimize Training, Exercises, and Nutrition to Stimulate Maximal Muscle Growth

Imam, Raza

The Science of Getting Ripped: Proven Diet Hacks and Workout Tricks to Burn Fat and Build Muscle in Half the Time

Irwin, Douglas

Against the Tide: An Intellectual History of Free Trade
Clashing over Commerce: A History of US Trade Policy
Free Trade under Fire

Isaacson, Walter

Einstein: His Life and Universe
The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

Ivy, John

Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition

Jacobs, Jane

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

James, Emma

The ORIGINAL Rebel Diet

John, Dan

Mass Made Simple

Johnson, Steven

Everything Bad is Good for You

Jones, Steven

Almost like a whale.

Kauffman, Bill

Ain't My America: The Long, Noble History of Antiwar Conservatism and Middle-American Anti-Imperialism

Kaye, Kristin

Iron Maidens

Kennedy, Robert H.

Encyclopedia of bodybuilding

Keynes, John Maynard

Essays in Persuasion
The Economic Consequences of the Peace
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

Kleiner, Susan M.

Power Eating

Knight, Frank H.

Risk, Uncertainty and Profit

Koeppel, Dan

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World

Koestler, Arthur

The Sleepwalkers

Kofsky, Frank

Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948: A Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation

Kolko, Gabriel

The Age of War: The United States Confronts the World
The Triumph of Conservatism: A Reinterpretation of American History, 1900-1916

Kotkin, Joel

The City

Kragh, Helge

Quantum Generations: A History of Physics in the Twentieth Century

Kramnick, Isaac

The Godless Constitution: A Moral Defense of the Secular State

Krugman, Paul

Geography and Trade
International Economics: Theory and Policy
Peddling Prosperity: Economic Sense and Nonsense in an Age of Diminished Expectations
The Age of Diminished Expectations

Kuhn, Thomas

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions