Deze lijst bevat een overzicht van de door mij gelezen boeken. De lijst is nog onvolledig, maar geeft al een goed idee van mijn interesses. Na verloop van tijd zullen ook voor een aantal boeken korte besprekingen toegevoegd worden.

Titel Boeken
't Hart, Maarten

De bril van God
Wie God verlaat hoeft niets te vrezen

Abbott, Elizabeth

Sugar. A bittersweet history.

Abel, Scott

The Hardgaining Solution.
Understanding Metabolism

Aceto, Chris

Championship Bodybuilding

Achterhuis, Hans

Arbeid, een eigenaardig medicijn
De erfenis van de utopie

Adams, Brooks

The Theory of Social Revolutions

Aernoudt, Rudy

Arbeid: Lust of last?

Ahiakpor, James

Classical Macroeconomics: Some Modern Variations and Distortions

Alden, David

The North Tower

Allan, Jenny

The Ultimate Bodybuilding Diet, Nutrition and Workout

Allen, Michael Christian

Life Without Bread. How a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Can Save Your Life

Allen, Robert C.

The British Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective

Amsden, Alice

Escape from Empire

Anderson, Benjamin

Economics and the Public Welfare
Value of Money

Anderson, Jeff

Optimum Anabolics

Anderson, Perry

Lineages of the Absolutist State
Spectrum: From Right to Left in the World of Ideas

Antonopoulos, Andreas M.

The Internet of Money

Appleby, Joyce

The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism

Aron, Raymond

Main Currents in Sociological Thought: Montesquieu, Comte, Marx, Tocqueville and the Sociologists and the Revolution of 1848
Main Currents in Sociological Thought: Durkheim, Pareto, Weber
The Opium of the Intellectuals

Assael, Shaun

Steroid Nation: Juiced Home Run Totals, Anti-aging Miracles, and a Hercules in Every High School: The Secret History of America's True Drug Addiction

Bagchi, Debasis

Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength

Baggett, Kelly

The No Bull Muscle Building Plan

Bamford, James

A Pretext for War: 9/11, Iraq, and the Abuse of America's Intelligence Agencies
Body Of Secrets

Barnes, Broda O.

Solved the Riddle of Heart Attacks

Barnhem, Jason

Informed Bodybuilding Nutrition

Baudet, Thierry

Revolutionair verval en de conservatieve vooruitgang in de 18e en 19e eeuw

Baumol, William J.

Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity
Productivity and American Leadership: The Long View
The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't
The Microtheory of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Bax, Sander

De Mulisch Mythe

Beccaria, Cesare Bonesana

An Essay on Crimes and Punishment

Beckworth, David

Boom and Bust Banking: The Causes and Cures of the Great Recession

Bedeaux, Jeffrey

The Truth About Building Muscle: Get Bigger Without Steroids

Benson, Bruce

The Entreprise of Law
To Serve and Protect

Berman, Harold J.

Law and Revolution, The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition

Bhagwati, Jagdish

Free Trade Today
Going Alone: The Case for Relaxed Reciprocity in Freeing Trade
In Defense of Globalization
The Wind of the Hundred Days: How Washington Mismanaged Globalization
Why Growth Matters: How Economic Growth in India Reduced Poverty and the Lessons for Other Developing Countries

Bitner, Richard

Confessions of a Subprime Lender: An Insider's Tale of Greed, Fraud, and Ignorance

Bjorn, Nicholas

Bodybuilding: meal plans, recipes and bodybuilding nutrition.
Fitness Nutrition. The Ulitmate Fitness Guide.

Block, Walter

Building Blocks for Liberty
Defending the Undefendable
Privatization of Roads and Highways

Blum, William

America's Deadliest Export: Democracy The Truth about US Foreign Policy and Everything Else: Democracy The Truth about US Foreign Policy and Everything Else
Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II

Bolloton, Burnett

The Spanish Civil War: Revolution and Counterrevolution

Bollyn, Christopher

Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World

Bosma, Martin

Minderheid in eigen land.

Bourne, Randolph

The Radical Will.

Braudel, Fernand

A History of Civilizations
The Structures of Everyday Life: Civilization and Capitalism, 15th-18th Century Volume 1
The Wheels of Commerce: Civilization & Capitalism 15th-18th Century, Vol. 2
The Perspective of the World: Civilization & Capitalism, 15th - 18th Century Volume 3

Brenner, Lenni


Briffa, John

Escape the Diet Trap

Brink, Will

Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed

Brittan, Samuel

Against the Flow
Capitalism with a Human Face

Brooks, Arthur C.

Gross National Happiness: Why Happiness Matters for America--and How We Can Get More of It

Bryant, Josh

Built To The Hilt: Creating A Muscularly Strong And Superbly Conditioned Body That Will Last A Lifetime

Buch, Boudewijn

De kleine blonde dood.